School to School Reviews

School to School Review is the evaluation of your school by current Headteachers, to identify strengths and areas for improvement and to evaluate it impartially.

The Kent Association of Headteachers, partnering with the Local Authority in the development of a self-improving school system in the county, recommends consideration of School to School Review as an approach to school-to-school support.

School to School Review

School to School Review involves Headteachers from one or more schools participating in a supportive process of self-evaluation. To be successful, it relies on mutual trust and respect, frankness, rigour and the systematic development of relevant skills.

School to School Review offers the following advantages:

  • It strengthens the effectiveness and consistency of quality assurance, both within the individual school and across the system;
  • It develops capacity;
  • It deepens the relationships between schools;
  • It offers possibilities for professional development by widening the experience of leaders beyond their own schools;
  • It promotes system-wide thought.

School to School Reviews can be carried out on differing scales, according to need.

Examples are:

  • Whole school reviews;
  • Verification of self-evaluation forms;
  • Reviews of subjects;
  • Reviews of specific aspects of a school (for example provision for vulnerable groups);
  • Review of governance.


EKLA recognises the importance and effectiveness of school to school support, carried out by serving Headteachers who understand the challenges in the current climate.

EKLA has a growing range of people who could contribute to the process of School to School Reviews.

  • National Leaders of Education (NLEs)
  • Local Leaders of Education (LLLEs)
  • Kent Leaders of Education (KLEs)
  • Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
  • Staff who have completed Ofsted training

A School to School Review will be carried out by a suitably-qualified and experienced individual.

Teaching Alliances

Local Authority recognises the validity of EKLA.

While the Local Authority might maintain the register of those suitable for involvement in School to School Reviews, the work might instead be carried out by a Teaching School within the county, on behalf of the network of Teaching Schools. School to School Reviews could be brokered by LA, but it might be advantageous for the scheme to be operated on behalf of Kent’s Teaching Schools by one of their number, with Teaching Alliances becoming providers of School to School Reviews.


School to School Review’s can be commissioned by the following:

  • An individual school;
  • A collaboration;
  • A Teaching School as part of its role in school-to-school support;
  • The KAH Area Board, using delegated funding as part of the process of school-to-school support;
  • The Local Authority, in order to evaluate a school’s development (in such a case the team would be likely to include LA officers).

Following an initial meeting to formulate bespoke requirements and focus of the School to School Review an outline of the visit will be devised, according to the needs of the school. Following the visit and feedback meeting you will receive a full report with suggested action points, as discussed and agreed with your school.


£450 per day per headteacher

£350 per day per SLE

For more details please contact EKLA

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