Leading During Lockdown

During these challenging times it is important to take care of ourselves and others.
Please remember that:

  • Every single person (including you) will be facing their own battles, both large and small, so kindness, gratitude and empathy will be the leadership currency to get things done 
  • Not everything on your list will get ticked off in the timeframe expected; make reasonable demands on yourself and patience for others and yourself 
  • These are highly fraught and stressful times, so monitoring emotional states - including your own - is important; there will sometimes be emotional responses to reasonable demands 
  • Self-care and consideration must be the central concern to ensure that you remain healthy and well enough to help others; self-care and good health is at the core of leadership in lockdown. 
Please see the  Leading a School During Lockdown   document from The Chartered College of Teaching for further guidance on how to support yourself and others.  
We hope that you are keeping well and safe during these difficult times. 


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