Internship Program

Internships for:

  • Aspirant Middle Leaders
  • Aspirant Senior Leaders

This internship programme is in response to the current national problem of finding and developing future leaders. Local Authority intelligence suggests that this is particularly relevant in the Kent and Medway area. Our strategic objectives are to provide opportunities that complement the NPQML and NPQSL Programmes that we deliver and to encourage schools to identify future outstanding middle and senior leaders.

EKLA is keen to give School Leaders across Kent the opportunity to gain a further experience of leadership in different school settings. This also allows colleagues to engage in a leadership development programme that is cost effective and see the value of such exchanges in the future as ways to develop reflective practitioners.

Our internships allow participants to experience school leadership in areas outside of their day to day role. The internship will last for 2 days and encourage participants to reflect upon the leadership competencies in order to close gaps in their leadership experience.

Participants should apply with an idea of a specific area of school leadership / school improvement for their internship

The programme will follow the structure below:

Stage 1: Complete an Application Form and submit online (Internships are available throughout the academic year)

Stage 2: Applications reviewed to decide on best school placement

Stage 3: Acceptance onto the programme sent by email to Intern

Stage 4: The Intern will be advised of the name of the school placement and contact details of their school mentor provided.

Stage 5: The Intern will contact the placement school to arrange a 2 day internship

Stage 6: The intern and the school placement mentor will meet to identify the participant’s leadership priorities/focus and agree an outline for the two days

Stage 7: The intern will complete a two day internship

Aims of the course

  • To enable practitioners to evaluate and understand their current practice.
  • To examine leadership styles according to context.
  • You will explore the relationship between leadership and management.

Course Content

  • Values, vision, context and climate
  • Personal qualities
  • Leadership styles
  • The importance of reflection
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Action research

There is no deadline for applications as this is an ongoing programme.

There is a £250 charge for the internship. 

If you would like to apply, please complete and return the application form.






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