Aspiring Senior Leaders

Aspiring Senior Leaders

Course Overview

This course is designed to support teachers, who are currently working in a Middle Leader role.

It aims to provide attendees with the tools to begin to develop their leadership skills, identify their strengths and pinpoint the areas they need to develop further. The course will also explore the use of coaching to improve management skills; empowering individuals to develop and manage change.  It also aims to support attendees with identifying whole schools issues and will examine ways to tackle these, in a leadership capacity.


Venue: St Anselms Catholic School, Canterbury

Time:  4:30 pm to 6:20 pm

Deliverer: Lucie Turner & Jo Brown (SLEs)


Session 1 - 20th January 2020

Reflections as a Leader

  • Exploring the qualities of a leader – looking at self-awareness, building resilience, exploring difficult conversation strategies and looking after yourself.
  • Examining the differences between management and leadership – building and developing relationships with colleagues, exploring dealing with ‘enablers and blockers’ within your team.
  • Picking a whole school issue – selecting the area on School Improvement Plan (SIP) to bring to the next twilight.

Session 2 - 10th February 2020

Driving School Improvement

  • Identifying SIP priorities – Discussions within group about the areas chosen – planning based on that discussion – How do you plan to tackle it?
  • Understanding different coaching models – A brief overview of successful models (as used by trainees) Attendees may bring an issue to be coached on to next session.
  • Exploring theories of driving change - to encourage participants to think about how they would begin to move a school forwards.

Session 3 - 16th March 2020

Own Development and Ambitions

  • Practical coaching session – Quick refresh on coaching models and methods. Use a given scenario/own scenario to practice coaching in a pair.
  • Explore school ethos and vision – Review some school’s visions – How do you feel about them? What would you do if you didn’t agree with the ethos?
  • Identifying own strengths and areas for development – Complete strengths questionnaire, look at current job adverts for senior roles – What do you need to develop to fit the job descriptions?


Course Fee: £200

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