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Are you hoping to recruit Trainee Teachers for 2023-2024?

The East Kent Learning Alliance is an established, experienced and successful team with a proven track record. Join us and we will guide and support you every step of the way.

School Direct

School Direct is an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) route that provides schools with the opportunity to shape the future of ITT and is a way of growing your own teachers and future leaders. School Direct can make a key contribution to your school improvement strategy and improve the continuing professional development of your own staff.  Successful completion of a School Direct course is the beginning of the journey to qualified teacher status (QTS). Trainees can also choose to follow the School Direct PGCE route at an additional cost to themselves.

The East Kent Learning Alliance and School Direct

The East Kent Learning Alliance is a partnership of secondary and primary schools that is committed to engage with schools and accredited providers to recruit high quality trainees and provide a rich, informative and engaging training programme.

Benefits of applying for School Direct with EKLA

  • EKLA has a strong tradition of highly successful ITT
  • EKLA offers both the full time and the part time School Direct programmes, thus giving you greater flexibility and better meeting your needs
  • EKLA has a secure relationship with a range of teacher training providers
  • Trainees will be provided with a comprehensive programme of Professional Study
  • You will receive administrative support for advertising and recruitment to School Direct
  • You will be fully involved in the selection/recruitment process
  • You will have access to support from an experienced school direct EKLA Lead through face to face visits at your school and regular email communication as a minimum 

EKLA recruits to both School Direct training options:

School Direct Training Programme (non-salaried)

This is aimed at high-quality graduates who want to be part of a school team from day one. Applicants may be eligible for a bursary to support them while they train. This route has no financial implications for the school.  The trainee pays their own QTS and PGCE training fees and does not receive a salary.

School Direct Training Programme (salaried).

This is an employment-based route for high-quality experienced graduates with at least three years’ full time work experience. Colleagues will earn a salary while they train; minimum UQ1 plus on costs. The school is also responsible for paying the trainee’s university course fees.

Depending upon the subject and phase, the school could receive a subsidy from DfE to contribute towards the cost to the school. For further details, please refer to:

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