School Direct part time route

Why part time?

School Based (School Direct) Part-time is a school-based route delivered in partnership with CCCU. The key feature of this course is that from the start, the majority of the two years will be spent in the base school, working alongside experienced colleagues. Trainees will join the Taught University days within the first year and complete their second school experience (SSE) during the second year. Trainees will also be able to opt to join the enhanced PGCE element in the second year.

The course aims to harness the knowledge and experience of school colleagues in the delivery of courses, working in partnership with the experience of accredited ITT providers such as universities. Schools, and the mentors within them, provide the vast majority of the training alongside the University over a two-year period. The trainee’s development in school will be supported by a mentor who will help them progress towards meeting the standards for QTS. Trainees receive support form an Academic Tutor from the University throughout the two-year journey.

This is a part-time cross phase course, meaning it can be studied within the primary or secondary phase. The course supports a flexible working pattern as it enables trainees to work part-time and train part-time. This would enable them to be employed in the other days.  Trainees would be in their base school for 2.5 or 3 days a week, as agreed by CCCU and the school.  

The CCCU training days will be on days the trainee in school thus the base school must release the trainee from school days to attend the training. This means that in Year 1 of the course, the school must devise their timetable around CCCU days, and the trainee must ensure that CCCU days do not clash with a day they work elsewhere. However, in Year 2, there will not be any CCCU training days unless the trainee opts for the SD PGCE.

There are two part-time School Based courses, School Based (School Direct) (Salaried) and School Based (School Direct) (Training) (sometimes called non-salaried).

Who is the course for?

The course is for people who want to train part-time to become teachers, spending the majority of their training time in school alongside qualified teachers. This will require trainees to work 2.5 days or 3 days a week on the course.

School Based (School Direct) PGCE Pathway – an option for all students

The School Based (School Direct) PGCE pathway is a mixture of work based learning and academic assessments. All trainees will be offered this option in the second year which will include the aspects described above in the QTS pathway and the requirement to undertake academic study and write academic assignments. There are additional taught sessions and tutorials throughout the second year to support trainees studying on this pathway.


There are two possible awards from the School Based (School Direct) course:

  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Pathway, all successful trainees will achieve the recommendation for QTS.
  • School Based (School Direct) PGCE Pathway, successful trainees who (in consultation with their school partner) decide to opt in to the School Based (School Direct) PGCE will be awarded a PGCE.


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