Why are Boys continuing to underachieve in Writing compared to girls?

Initiative to diminish the gap in Writing between Boys and Girls: to promote speaking and listening through carefully selected texts which inspire, motivate and embed the key skills of writing.

Encouraging Positive Behaviour in the Early Years

This twilight will provide delegates with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the background and possible reasons for children’s behaviour.

Science Network for Middle Leaders

Share ideas to either assist teachers when assessing children’s work or look at ways of monitoring work from a leader’s perspective. 

Building a Spelling School

A discussion around the barriers children face when spelling and how to improve skills, attitudes and, ultimately, the spelling culture within your school.

Effective Planning for Progress

Consider the importance planning has in Quality first teaching and learning.  Training in planning lessons that are engaging, differentiated and enable children to make progress is something that only really gets covered on training and induction year.

SEND & Learning Differences

This pathway will allow teachers with a keen interest in, or high numbers of children with SEND. This is just as pertinent to the high ability and grammar sector classes as it is to lower ability sets.  

Reflection in Science

The session looks to give teachers and departments a way of tracking students’ progress over the course of a key stage. It looks to share the way the Physics Department at Dane Court build students confidence by helping them to identify where they are dropping marks in assessments.

A mindful approach, how might mindfulness enrich your lesson?

A discussion about the benefits of mindfulness we will look at how mindfulness could be used on a whole school, individual class or on an intervention basis. 

Drumming & Strumming

This course will give delegates the confidence and knowledge to bring music into their day, by learning instruments, songs and games.

Primary School Sport Premium - how to use it effectively

This essential workshop aims to give Governors the knowledge they need for their school to utilise the Primary School Sport Premium (PSSP) effectively.

ASD Detectives

How to investigate certain behaviour traits. What to do about them. How to pre-empt them.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

This course explores some ways that the Characteristics of Effective Learning can be implemented into planning, the learning environment and reporting to parents; and how purposeful Child Initiated Play can hold the key to developing these Characteristics. 

Intelligent curriculum design

This course, aimed at primary and secondary leaders, will help and reassure you as you develop and design your curriculum for all phases.

Growth Mindset

This twilight will look at recent research and case studies around growth mindset.

Developmental Movement in Early Years

"Wriggling into Writing" explores the theory and practical activities that you can apply in your settings to ensure outstanding outcomes for your children. This session will be practical and will leave you energised and inspired!


A brief introduction to the theory and practice of Mindfulness.  We will look at what Mindfulness is and how to meditate, consider both the default mind and the mindful mind

How Positive Relationships Help Improve Students Attitude to Learning

The aim of this course is to discuss, briefly, the impact of good relationships with teachers, upon a student’s progress and attitude to learning.

Mentoring Pathway

This pathway seeks to specifically bring together, train and support mentors of all Recently Qualified teachers.

Through the eyes of a 5 year old - everyday life in a Reception class

Experience learning through the eyes of a 5 year old by spending the morning in the Foundation Stage, working alongside an experienced SLE and her class of 4 and 5 year olds. 

Academically Able Learners from KS2-KS4

Explore why there has been a change in curriculum at primary and secondary level, which is placing more emphasis on high attainment. Tips and methods will be provided to encourage 'deep-thinking' from KS2-KS4, which can be used in a range of subjects. 

Being a Two Year Old

This course will look at the trials and tribulations of having two year olds in the setting, with opportunities for discussion around current issues and sharing good practice.

A Taste of Leadership

By considering experiences of effective leadership, participants will be challenged to articulate how this has shaped and influenced their ideal leadership style as well as exploring the motivation behind leadership and the impact it can have. 

Wellbeing for Educational Professionals

The day will include keynote speakers and workshops to enable you to improve their knowledge and understanding of wellbeing but also allow you to have practical experience and discussions about what we can do in schools to support staff wellbeing.

Developing a proactive attitude for Independent Learning

This session will look at the different ways teachers may assess students' attitude for their own learning.  This assessment of the effort that students expend shall be evaluated by establishing criteria which encourages the student to be self-reflective and pro-active.

Through the Eyes of a 4 Year Old - Preparation for School

With an increasing demand on Nurseries to prepare children for starting school, it is important to think about how we can best equip our children with the appropriate skills they will need to make a smooth transition into the Reception Year.

Developing Communication & Language Skills in EYFS

An introduction into supporting children developing their Communication and Language skills in the EYFS. Course will discuss how to create a language rich environment in which both children's speech and language can develop.

Through the Eyes of a 4 Year Old - Learning through play

We are opening our doors for practitioners to come and join in with their Learning Through Play (Child Initiated Play) session at the Nursery, which will promote discussion and exploration.

LGBT Inclusion - Tackling HBT bullying and supporting LGBT students in school

To review experiences of LGBT young people in education; To consider how we can use research on experiences of LGBT young people to address homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying; To identify strategies to support LGBT students; To identify strategies to assist other staff to support LGBT students.

Letters and Sounds Phase 1 phonics for nursery children

Focusing on the 7 aspects and the 3 strands of phase 1 phonics. There will be ideas for planning and delivering practical lessons for EYS and Foundation Stage.

Different Children, Different Learning

How can we tailor our provision to ensure there is diversity to allow our children to learn something new every day? Come and explore some ways that differentiation can impact on progression.

Singing & Signing in the Early Years

This session will include singing age appropriate songs that could be brought into your daily routine or as a music lesson. It will include basic Makaton and visual resources.

WriteDance in the Early Years & KS1 (lower KS2)

Explore the use of WriteDance skills within the curriculum in order to support gross and fine motor skills for physical literacy and handwriting.

Marking & Feedback - practical ideas to increae impact of marking & feedback

This sessions has been designed to arm teachers with a variety of strategies to effectively assess for learning

Keeping Active in Early Years & KS1

A whole range of strategies, programmes and approaches will be explored to support teachers and practitioners. 

'Voices for Choices'

A discussion around how to implement the characteristics of effective learning in KS1.

Cognitive Load Theory Explained - Practical ideas for the classroom

Introduction to the concept CLT, discuss the unexpected advantages to SEN students and have a conversation about how these tweaks can be adapted across different subjects. 

Emergent Writing

An opportunity to discuss ways to promote writing across the Early Years, including ideas for maximising the learning environment to engage children in mark-making activities, parental engagement and developing gross and fine motor skills to support writing progression. 

Pre-School & Nursery Network Meetings

Networking meeting for pre-school and nursery practitioners.

Early Literacy

This course will give Early Years Practitioners a range of practical ideas to support children as they take the journey to Early Literacy (Reading and Writing).

Aspiring Middle Leaders

A pre-cursor to NPQML. This course is relevant to practitioners of all phases who wish to enhance and refine their leadership skills.

Aspiring Senior Leaders

This course is designed to support teachers, who are currently working in a Middle Leader role. It aims to provide you with the tools to begin to develop your leadership skills, identify their strengths and pinpoint the areas they need to develop further. 


The NPQML qualification will support you in becoming a highly effective middle leader, with the skills, confidence and knowledge to drive successful team performance and improved classroom practice across your team. 

A professional qualification providing recognition of leadership development and professional achievement.


The NPQSL qualification will support you in becoming a highly effective senior leader with the skills, confidence and knowledge to contribute to the strategic development of your school or organisation as part of the senior leadership team. 

A professional qualification providing recognition of leadership development and professional achievement. 

Bespoke CPD

The East Kent Learning Alliance can offer support in delivering a range of bespoke CPD for your school and staff - please see below for examples:

  • Good to Outstanding
  • The New Ofsted Framework
  • Data Training
  • Maximising Use of Voice and Body Language in the Classroom
  • AFL
  • Autism awareness
  • Being an Effective Teaching Assistant

All our programmes are offered by serving school leaders with a track record of successful delivery of professional development.

To assist you with identifying your CPD priorities for 2017-18 I have attached an audit of need.

If EKLA can support you with the delivery of any of your CPD needs, either as twilights or inset days please contact us to discuss or complete and return the attached audit.

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