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Paul Luxmoore

I am executive Head of Coastal Academies Trust, which is based entirely in Thanet, Kent and consists of one outstanding primary school and four secondaries, one of which is a selective school and two of which are viewed by many as the most challenging and the lowest performing schools in the south east. All the secondaries are IB World schools offering the International Baccalaureate Careers-related Programme, or the IB Diploma Programme.  As an NLE, I have been Executive Head of two schools in special measures. I am committed to using education to transform the fortunes of Thanet, but I spend much of my time battling against the many constraints that obstruct us from being able to do our jobs effectively. I believe absolutely that we have collective responsibility for all students and that this should drive our working relationships with each other. I am a co-opted member of the KAH Executive Committee and on the KAH East Board, I am a part of KMTSN and a Director of Leadership Learning South East, as well as a co-opted member of the International Baccalaureate Schools and Colleges Association Steering Committee. I hope I have a good understanding of what a school led self sustaining education system looks like – and of the complicated political systems that both enable and hinder its development.


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