Inspiring Teachers, Outstanding Learners

EKLA are delighted to be offering the Inspiring Teachers, Outstanding Learners again next term.

The feedback from ​our first cohort​ has been extremely positive with all the participants identifying direct impact upon their own teaching and pupil progress and engagement.

​For example of the 5 secondary participants: 

  • ​60% of teachers moved from RI to Good
  • 40% of teachers moved into outstanding

In terms of students improving, the results were also amazing. 

For example: ​

One project saw a shift from 60% to 100% of students enjoying the changes made to their lessons. 

Whilst another project saw a sizeable group of students improve their work from 'Some Ability' into 'Exceptional Ability'.

​Similarly children in a ‘Talk-Boost’ group made significant progress – 82% pre-schoolers starting school working at age-related expectations compared with 54% last year.

​We are therefore delighted to be able to offer this programme to our primary and secondary colleagues who want to focus on developing their Teaching and Learning.​



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