N​ew Leadership Development Curriculum

T​he DfE recently published its plans for the next stage of development for the NPQs. The main changes are the introduction of a fourth level for Executive Leaders (NPQEL) and a simplification of the content framework, replacing competencies with 6 'content areas'  and 7 'leadership behaviours'.

In addition to these content changes, we have the freedom to open up new opportunities  to work collaboratively​  together and tailor the programmes to meet local or specialist need, for example for staff working within a MAT, or leaders from schools with similar priorities (coastal, rural, faith, small), as well as to integrate a wider range of learning opportunities within the framework for accreditation. While greater local variety may be found in the course delivery, the national accreditation of the programmes will be assured through the use of common national assessment criteria and submission requirements. 

As a result we are delighted to be working in partnership with LLSE and local Teaching Schools to re-design a new and improved leadership curriculum for our schools, which we will be able to share with schools from September.


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