New A Level Maths Specifications – Planning a Linear Scheme of Work

This course aims to develop schemes of work which optimise the pathways available to A level Maths and Further Maths students.

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Progression in Lessons

How to adopt the growth mind set into lessons to aid resilience and attainment.

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Supporting Communication & Language in EYS

An introduction into supporting children developing their Communication and Language skills in the EYFS.

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Early Literacy

This course will give Early Years Practitioners a range of practical ideas to support children as they take the journey to Early Literacy.

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Characteristics of Effective Learning

This course explores ways that the Characteristics of Effective Learning in EYS can be implemented into planning, the learning environment and reporting to parents; and how purposeful Child Initiated Play can hold the key to developing these Characteristics.

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ASD Detectives

An EYS course focusing on how to investigate certain behaviour traits. What to do about them. How to pre-empt them.

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Developmental Movement in Early Years

"Wriggling into Writing" explores the theory and practical activities that you can apply in your settings to ensure outstanding outcomes for your children. This session will be practical and will leave you energised and inspired!

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Boys & Girls

How and why boys and girls learn differently and how to adapt your teaching to reduce gender gaps.

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Speech & Language Strategies - Advice & Tips

Aims to develop the knowledge of anyone working with young people in a school setting and equip them with practical strategies to support pupils.

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Working Scientifically in Primary School

How to link science content with working scientifically. Cross curricula links with other subjects.

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Singing & Signing in the Early Years

This session will include singing age appropriate songs that could be brought into your daily routine or as a music lesson. It will include basic Makaton and visual resources.

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Letters and Sounds Phase 1 phonics for nursery children

Focusing on the 7 aspects and the 3 strands of phase 1 phonics. There will be ideas for planning and delivering practical lessons for EYS and Foundation Stage.

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Through the Eyes of a 4 Year Old - Preparation for School

EYS practitioners will have the opportunity to come and join in with some adult led activities at Windmill Nursery, to promote discussion and exploration and to inspire practitioners to reflect on their own current practice and to see school readiness through the eyes of four year olds!

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Through the Eyes of a 4 Year Old - Learning through play

Windmill Nursery are opening their doors for practitioners to come and join in with their Learning Through Play (Child Initiated Play) session at the Nursery, which will promote discussion and exploration.

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Pre-School & Nursery Network Meetings

Networking meeting for pre-school and nursery practitioners.

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Thinking Hard - Implementing a pedagogy for the more able students

This course discusses the Thinking Hard tool kit and the strategies concerning the implementation of a change to teaching & learning policy.  

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HLTA Training Course

Higher Level Teaching Assistant One Day course covering:  HLTA Vs TA, Personal and Professional Conduct and Behaviour Management.


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How to stop bad things happening to you and your school - and dealing with them when they do

The sad truth is that things can go seriously wrong for any school and any school leader at any time, bringing stress and distress to too many schools and to too many school leaders with excellent track records. On this course you will learn how to prevent and prepare for shock-to-the-system events.

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Don’t be Soft – Getting Ofsted inspection right

This one day course offers an understanding of Ofsted inspections for schools.  

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Don’t be Soft – Getting Ofsted inspection right - Support for Governors

Supporting inspection, as a Governor, sympathetically and successfully.

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Inspiring Teachers, Outstanding Learners

This programme is designed to encourage self-reflection as a Learner and a Teacher. Placing the emphasis on developing outstanding learners helps to move the teachers to inspiring and outstanding whilst avoiding a tick-box approach to progress.

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Aspiring Middle Leaders

A pre-cursor to NPQML. This course is relevant to practitioners of all phases who wish to enhance and refine their leadership skills.

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Aspiring Senior Leaders

This course is designed to support teachers, who are currently working in a Middle Leader role. It aims to provide you with the tools to begin to develop your leadership skills, identify their strengths and pinpoint the areas they need to develop further. 

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The NPQML qualification will support you in becoming a highly effective middle leader, with the skills, confidence and knowledge to drive successful team performance and improved classroom practice across your team. 

A professional qualification providing recognition of leadership development and professional achievement.

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The NPQSL qualification will support you in becoming a highly effective senior leader with the skills, confidence and knowledge to contribute to the strategic development of your school or organisation as part of the senior leadership team. 

A professional qualification providing recognition of leadership development and professional achievement. 

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Bespoke CPD

The East Kent Learning Alliance can offer support in delivering a range of bespoke CPD for your school and staff - please see below for examples:

  • Good to Outstanding
  • The New Ofsted Framework
  • Data Training
  • Maximising Use of Voice and Body Language in the Classroom
  • AFL
  • Autism awareness
  • Being an Effective Teaching Assistant

All our programmes are offered by serving school leaders with a track record of successful delivery of professional development.

To assist you with identifying your CPD priorities for 2017-18 I have attached an audit of need.

If EKLA can support you with the delivery of any of your CPD needs, either as twilights or inset days please contact us to discuss or complete and return the attached audit.

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